My Pen

My pen

  I have a pen which I have used long time. My father gave it to so it is really important to me even I do not always use it. I got this pen when I was 15 years old in my first year in high school. This pen is fountain pen  and the color of this pen is black. The trademark of this pen is Yingxiong which mean Hero. This type pen has been stop make. So this pen is really memorable. When I was in high school, we almost do not use the fountain pen, because it is a little bit troublesome. Such as I do not have free time to add ink into my fountain pen. 

 Even I do not always use it, but I will never forget the what my father saying when he gave it to me. That year is really important to me. I did not get good grade on the final test of my junior school. My father want me to have a new start. So he let me choose to study aboard after three years. During that I have no idea about abroad study. So I am not interested on that school. My father gave this pen before I go to school. He told me: your have your own idea now. The only things I can do is giving you the best study environment that we can provide. This your own way, good or bad is depend on you. Then he gave me this pen and he said: I hope you will not feel regret after three years. 



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